24 November 2007

We are WAAy cooler than you are...

...if we can type.The current debate...keeping in mind it's two o'cl0ck in the morning and we're out of bourbon and and WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I'm on beer? Beer? So WHO drank the fuckin bourbon?

Anyway. We are Bobby D fans bigger than any you know. As in, we saw him at the Ryman. You didn't. But.

Dwight Yoakum is a fucking genuis and we saw him in a 2000-audience venue. More than once. He had on his Buck Owens outfits. Dwight is a Rhodes scholar. He is the meanest sob on the planet in Swing Blade. He is, without a doubt, cooler than ice and I'd know that at any point in time.

Only. Wait. Bob Segar is on. I think I'm into...can I just have all the Coolest Guys On The Planet? At the same time?


fatboyfat said...

Whoa there. Is this your brain on liquor?

Tom said...

*points and laughs*
This is the only way to experience drunk people. I'm impressed, you spell better drunk than a lot of sober people I know.
And Dwight Yoakum is a genius!

City Girl said...

Hmmmm...This sounds like a case of Buffet Drinking: A little wine, a little beer, a little hard stuff...a lot hung over the next day!

Country Girl said...

At least you didn't have to listen to me...I'm the SECOND loudest drunk you know! But it WAS good music.