15 April 2008

Papa Ratz

Oh, kids...Where to begin?

I am not overly-fond of Pope Ratz - bless his heart. JPII was a tough act to follow, I know, but...still. There's just something about Benny 16 that's not quite right. No warm fuzzies. I know he's German, but still....

Anyway, this - THIS - is just wrong. I don't care what persuasion you are the image of GW greeting a certifiable Man of God, be he Da Papa, the Dali Lama or Lee Corso, I expect Old Dubya to *poof* turn to a pile of dust at said holy person's touch. Like a vampire in daylight. Poof.

But he never does. I know it isn't because he isn't evil. He clearly is. So where does he keep the amulet? In his sock? And what does it contain besides a lock of hair from New Gingrich?

Guesses anyone?


Melissa said...

He keeps a picture in the attic. It's the only explanation.

City Girl said...

Miss: LOL - I should have guessed!

Country Girl said...

I heard someone say the other day that if JPII hadn't been a pope, he'd have been an actor; while if THIS pope hadn't been pope, he'd have been a college professor. Makes sense.