18 December 2008

Is it Christmas yet?

Tuesday I had 20 minutes before kid pick-up time. I needed Q-tips, beer and bird seed. That's either three stops or...the dreaded W word, and I FOOLISHLY thought I could pull this off.

I was standing there in the midst of redneck Christmas desperation and realized..."It takes a special kind of stupid to be here right now."

But THEN I decided that if you're in the position to need Q-tips, bird seed and beer bad enough to have to make a stop then...MAYBE I WAS IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!

Oh, y'all...there are people who don't need to be reproducing and THEY'RE ALL IN WALMART. Together.

1 comment:

City Girl said...

That's where they hook up, dontchaknow?

Walmart is the white trash Club Med.