01 January 2009

Don't Leave! You're in the Right Place!

So what do you think of the new look? Does it make our butts look big?

I've been ALL about clearing out today - closets, drawers, makeup, the fridge. You name it, I have cleaned it, am cleaning it or will have cleaned it by Sunday.

Not cleaned like scrubbed, but cleaned like decluttered.

This afternoon I pulled every damn purse out of my closet and emptied them of old receipts, dried-up Purell wipes, loose pills/Altoids, fuzzy Chap Sticks and wadded tissue. Held them upside-down over the trash can and shook out crumbs. The handbags? They are clean.

So is my jewelry box. I lost an earring two years ago on the Subway in NYC but haven't been able to let go of the survivor...until today. Okay, so I didn't throw it away, but I put it in the step-down box, out of sight. Six months from now, when I haven't looked at it every day and, deluded, thought, "Maybe someday I'll find a match..." I may be able to let go completely. Hey, it's a step.

Then I got online, took a look at the blog and thought, "All those polka dots are a kinda busy, aren't they? What if we tried....this?"

Looks cleaner to me, but is maybe missing a little personality? I haven't sprung it on Country Girl yet - will email her next...after a stiff drink (bracing myself).

So do me a favor and cast a vote: "Nice, Keep the New Look" or "What are You Smoking? Bring Back the Dots!"


hswilkinson said...

new look, definitely.

Melissa said...

I like the header photo but am a little unsure on the background color. But as long as you don't add any music to the thing, I'll keep coming back for more. :)

Tom said...

What are you smoking?! I really want to know for my own personal benefit. I actually like the new look. :-)

Dory said...

I like this MUCH better than the dots!

Now you better share whatever you're smoking!


Comet Girl said...

Very chic!

Amblus said...

Like! Keep!