16 February 2011


...would be an excellent day to go cut back all the roses and shrubs and things that are about to come bustin' ALL out. It's 61 degrees and there's a lovely breeze and...here I sit ;)

It would be an excellent day to finish converting these white side lights into black side lights and get them mounted. Thinking about it.

I piled ALL the dirty clothes from ALL over the house in the big den yesterday and sorted them. Down to three piles ;) That I AM working on.

Obviously, a change of scenery is called for. I'm thinking somewhere close, with a lake view, a fireplace and a cooler of cold beer. The potential for activity is amazing and...here I sit. Motivation, I need some motivation ;)

The hell with some motivation, I need to win the lottery. SO much better than a swift kick in the ass....

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