Say WTF?

Alabama played LSU last night and it doesn't matter if you knew who was playing or not, it was a hell of a ballgame. I know that because I was upstairs working crossword puzzles and the noise from downstairs was deafening.

My parents watched the ballgame and afterwards, when they got to the local meat and three at the end of the road for supper, it was closed. According to my mother, she had watched Applebee's ads for four hours and was hooked, so off they went to Applebees.

When they were seated, my dad ordered a Bud Light. The waitress asked for his ID. Incredulously, he ASKED if she could possibly be serious, and she assured him she was. Totally.

His ID is in the truck. I can't remember why but he has a reason. Maybe they ID for sweet feed at the co-op. But whatever, he didn't have his ID and she wouldn't serve him a beer.

Saving Grace here: the older grandchildren in this family are all in upper management with Ruby Tuesday, which means they started at the bottom. (My big kid worked at Babe's Chicken Shack in Roanoke, TX when she was 16. Google THAT!). We are the most server-friendly people walking this planet and it takes a LOT to get us stirred up.

(Having said that, I've walked out of two places in my life and one of them was Ruby Tuesday.)

ANYWAY. My parents ate their meal. They didn't cause a scene. They left. They UNDERSTAND.

But the bottom line is, they were born in 1930 and 1935 and there is nothing Applebees can do to ever get them back. Period. So, WHAT'S THE POINT? Someone WON here? Someone kept a criminal off the road? SOMEONE DIDN'T DRINK TOO CLOSE TO SUNDAY MORNING IN FLORENCE ALABAMA?
(See...the drunk post thing. I'm not EVER drunk, but it's Sunday morning, my husband is leaving town for a week this afternoon so we opened a bottle of champagne before breakfast. Then, we had steak and eggs for breakfast and he made lovely Irish Coffees. THEN, the kids left for church, leave out the coffee. They won't be home for two hours.)

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Heather said…
I'm surprised ya'll didn't hear me screaming at the football game all the way from Colorado. My in-laws, who are visiting from Pennsylvania, thought I'd lost my mind. THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND THE GENETICS OF ALABAMA FOOTBALL. I CAN'T HELP IT.
City Girl said…
You are my lifestyle hero. Have I ever mentioned that? *smooch!*