03 November 2007

Wedding Day

This is my very first drunk post. I don't really have to post, since CG1 took care of that today with that beautiful image, but what the hell....

I attended an absolutely lovely wedding today with The Hubster. The reception was, by far, the best I've been to since moving to Dixie, so it was half-Catholic, natch.

Beautiful Episcopalian (Catholic Lite - All the Pomp with Half the Guilt) ceremony, lovely reception on the lake - it was a perfect, clear, bright, breezy autumn day.

What I'm Eating: Oh, God, what did I not eat today? Quail - fabulous. Duck breast - breathtaking. Roasted root vegetables: beets (I LOVE beets, it's a sickness), carrots, Brussels sprouts (ditto sprouts) and absolutely the best chocolate toffee Grooms Cake I've ever inhaled.

What I'm Drinking: Cristalino champagne (SORRY, FRANCE - SPARKLING WINE) and a lot of it. God, I love (pseudo) champs, although I par-tic-a-lar-ly love the real thing. Veuve, you know I'm talking about you, Girl.

What I'm listening to: Rock me gently, rock me slowly - the new Jeep Liberty commercial with a Neil Diamond soundtrack. How could you not love that?!
(I'm all about the love after duck, quail and a liter of the bubbly.)

What pisses me off: Nothing today. Nothing could ruin this lovely wedding buzz.

What cracks me up: Large families - invariably RC, again - with a gabillion grown kids and cousins who are all 3 months apart in age who love each other and feel absolutely compelled to throw all the groomsmen in the lake.

What I'm reading? Not a dadgum thing today. And I like it. :o)


Country Girl said...

FIRST DRUNK POST? Jesus, honey, you're wasting a lot of hours in a day.

melissa said...

Sounds like you had a blast. And got blasted. Doesn't get much better than that...except it was a wedding and it was probably free!

What's the best kind of beer? Free beer!

And that's not Neil Diamond BTW...I thought it was too, but I looked it up and it was Canadian artist named Andy Kim in 1974. I know waaay too much time on my hands.



City Girl said...

I have to stay sober during daylight when I'm WORKING. And I don't usually post in the evening.so...well, yes, I see your point about wasted hours. Definitely must reevaluate priorities....

Heather said...

It's good that I can't drink at work, because I'd probably chuck beer bottles at my dumber coworkers.

City Girl said...

Umm, Heather, EVERYONE is dumber than you are. Seriously, y'all.
She is way mo' smarter than "rocket science" smart.

Heather said...

*laugh* Thank you hon. Unfortunately, I have dumb coworkers who can't get fired. Well, not fired from work, but fired from a cannon may be a possibility...