16 December 2007

Shower the People

Well...how foolish do I feel?

I completely misunderstood the instructions of Mr. James Taylor.

As a result I've spent the last two days showering the people I love with Fudge.


fatboyfat said...

You're feeling foolish?

The people loved by me have had to endure an otherwise-unexpected shower of gloves in recent weeks.

Tom said...

I don't understand your dilemma...
Fudge contains chocolate... chocolate is good, goodness is a necessary component in love,

ergo Fudge = Love.

(I have ALWAYS wanted to use ergo in a sentence. It makes me feel smrt.)

Heather said...

Hrm, that sounds good, and I don't even like fudge!

City Girl said...

Tom: You are BRILLIANT, my friend!

City Girl said...

Fab Boy: It's three days later and I'm still giggling about the unexpected shower of gloves. :o)