04 October 2008

Keeping in mind that all my children have old family names, what's with these people who take absolutely normal names and then...change the spelling? I notice this in school and in the paper a lot and I wonder...did that mama think someone was going to look at Mackenzi's name and go..."Oh, that mama was so creative...she must own an art gallery."?

Do people look at Cloye and not have visions of spoiled cream? Does Jesyca not make you stop and go back?

Am I the only one who wonders why these mamas didn't finish high school?


hswilkinson said...

If you want to be truly mortified, read my friend Brad's blog with his routine "bad baby name" report from Hawaii...


Le laquet said...

I think this year starting in the nursery (kindergarten) we have a Katelin, a Kaitlin, a Kaitlyn and finally a Caitlyn - PLEASE!?!?

p.s. not one of the mothers looks more than 19