The Title is an Issue

Issue: If we're blogging eating/drinking/pissed off/ cracked up everyday, how to come up with post titles? And where to find relevant images?

Solution: Who says it has to be relevant? Carpe Randomness! (It's a carp, get it?)

What I'm Eating: In direct contrast to Comet Girl's healthy regime, I had pineapple upside-down cake for breakfast. And tea...which has antioxidents, which are good for you.

What I'm Drinking: Switched from bourbon to Irish whiskey last night. There is finally a nip in the air and nothing warms the cockles of my cold, black heart like Jameson.

What I'm Reading: I've had the book "Circling My Mother" for two months. TWO MONTHS. And I'm on page 24. I just can't get into it. Which is a shame b/c if it picks up I think it'll be a great read. For now I'm avoiding it like the H5N1.

What I'm Listening To: My dog. My goddamn dog. She is the most vendictive, manipulative bitch ever put on this still-green Earth. When my mother, 25 years ago, pointed a finger in my face and chanted the Mother Mantra, "Someday you'll have one just like you and you'll see the trouble you cause me." I never thought it would be a FREAKING DOG. The other dog is so sweet and eager to please...just like my sister. It's creepy, I tell you.

What Pisses Me Off: Stephen Colbert. Oh, what a difference 24 hours makes. The South Carolina Democratic Board of Nazi Sympathizers decided yesterday not to allow him on the ballot.
:: sigh :: But we need more humor in politics. Besides Ron Paul.

What Cracks Me Up: How to Tell if a Web Page Sucks. Thanks to my lolcat post, we offically suck! Yeay, US!


Nikki said…
Hey there, City Girl! Thanks for friending me over at NaBloPoMo...

I totally agree with you about the Stephen Colbert thing... As a former South Carolina Democrat, I am OUTRAGED. (I'm not a former Democrat, just a former South Carolinian...) Why not allow him to make a mockery of the presidential election? People have been doing that for years!

Anyway, love your posts and looking forward to more!

Country Girl said…
Oh, now see, you intellectuals just fuck me up. The only sign in this vicinity about RP says, "The Ron Paul Experience". So I've been sitting here for three weeks waiting on a concert.
Melissa said…
Greetings fellow NaBloPoMo-ers!

You guys found me, and now I'm finding you back! I really like this site. And everyone's pages at NaBloPoMo are cool and mine so...isn't.

I have to go to Mecca, I mean Whole Foods Tomorrow. Yeah, THE WFM at 6th and Lamar. I'll eat some cheese for you. :)

And since Ron Paul's district isn't too far from here, we get all sorts of crazy shit. But what really scares me is he actually makes more sense that most of the candidates at this point. Squirm.


Shiloh said…
Hey thanks for the comment. And good luck with NaBloPoMo!
Heather said…
I guess you guys aren't getting the Ron Paul road spam that we're getting here in Colorado - lots of signs, etc. It's weird.

And you had fruit for breakfast!