29 August 2007

Fear of opening my mouth

Now see...this is the chasm. SHE got up this morning and read the Village voice. I sat in line at drop-off at school with 25 fuming parents behind me because my Not Nice Child hadn't SAVED her DS game and wouldn't get out of the car. And I hesitated to jerk her out and explain the Rules According To Mama because Monday night, They made me sit through a two-hour meeting on recognizing child abuse. And I was pretty much the poster child for Things Nice Parents Don't Do. (All non-criminal, I might add.)

My point...SHE doesn't like George W because he's an idiot and we're all starving to death now that we've spent all our Clinton money. I don't like George W because he's an idiot, we've spent all our Clinton money and...OH YEAH.

I accidentally lived in Fort Worth for five years. WONDERFUL place to eat but you don't want to raise kids there. George W was my governor. And the entire time, he was (allegedly) snorting cocaine and bonking cheerleaders all across the state. And there was this big WINK/WINK thing going on. ;) Then I get up one day, back in Alabama, and open the paper and OH MY GOD. He's the fucking PRAYER PRESIDENT?????????????

Is THAT what they were doing on their knees?

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City Girl said...

I don't need the Village Voice - I have Netvibes! It is the savior of information-starved ADD/ADHD-ers.