Fear of opening my mouth

Now see...this is the chasm. SHE got up this morning and read the Village voice. I sat in line at drop-off at school with 25 fuming parents behind me because my Not Nice Child hadn't SAVED her DS game and wouldn't get out of the car. And I hesitated to jerk her out and explain the Rules According To Mama because Monday night, They made me sit through a two-hour meeting on recognizing child abuse. And I was pretty much the poster child for Things Nice Parents Don't Do. (All non-criminal, I might add.)

My point...SHE doesn't like George W because he's an idiot and we're all starving to death now that we've spent all our Clinton money. I don't like George W because he's an idiot, we've spent all our Clinton money and...OH YEAH.

I accidentally lived in Fort Worth for five years. WONDERFUL place to eat but you don't want to raise kids there. George W was my governor. And the entire time, he was (allegedly) snorting cocaine and bonking cheerleaders all across the state. And there was this big WINK/WINK thing going on. ;) Then I get up one day, back in Alabama, and open the paper and OH MY GOD. He's the fucking PRAYER PRESIDENT?????????????

Is THAT what they were doing on their knees?


City Girl said…
I don't need the Village Voice - I have Netvibes! It is the savior of information-starved ADD/ADHD-ers.