'Em's Fightin' Words

Okay, I was going to post this as a comment to General Betrayus, but it ran too damn long. Big surprise.

Actually, not to split hairs, but not everything that comes out of an American's mouth is protected by the First Amendment.

At least according to my old Business Law professor, to-wit: Sedition, "Fighting Words," Libel, Criminal Incitement, Yelling 'Fire' in a Theatre (forgot technical term), Obscenity, and something about Commercial Infringement or using an image unlawfully... a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but mine's wasted. Seems like that case involved the unapproved image of someone to sell soap powder about 100 years ago. Kind of like all the unapproved images used on this blog. Ahem.

Anyway, point being, we can't say anything we want without repercussion. America, from the mountains to the prairies, is far freer than most countries (although Canada blew past us when Bush signed the "Spying on Americans" Act), but still is not completely free.

Topic: Total Freedom - Total Democracy or Total Anarchy? Tawk amongst yerselves.

BTW - Anybody following what's happening in Vermont? Verrrry Interesting.


comet girl said…
Re. Vermont. Howdy Comrade?
Country Girl said…
Well, hell. And I was so glad this one was over. McCarthyism. It's not that the Senate didn't agree with the ad...I don't see the ad accomplishing anything. But it took action as a BRANCH OF MY GOVERNMENT, rather than as individuals banded together to express an opinion. I'm gonna go read the bread blogs.
City Girl said…
I'm just saying, it's an interesting proposition. If Vermont gets away with it, Texas (God willing) could secede and officially become the People's Republic of Tejas - instead of it just existing in hearts and minds... Of course, I don't know what the hell would happen to Travis County (Austin). It'd be stuck in there like Swaziland.