I was already confused enough

Sitting at a red light. Minding my own business and I hadn't jerked ONE single person out of his car all the way into town. (True story. Another post.) And lo and behold something twinkled in the sunlight and WHAT THE HELL?! There sat this. And then it got better because it had a handicapped license tag.

Guess we can pretty much rest assured it's not a PHYSICAL handicap, can't we?


City Girl said…
What the hell are those things, glass fishbowl marbles?

Surely there's a law on the books - or should be - against assaulting an inanimate object with a hot glue gun. Or a Bedazzler. They Law.
comet girl said…
Well, city girl, I was going to comment in the immortal words of my Mama Sora, (the once red-headed spitfire but now resides in the nursing home and reserves her wrath for the poor Resident Assistants unfortunate enough to have her on their route) "They Lawd!" But you beat me to it ;o)