Speaking of foodtv

My friend, M, whose opinion I value greatly...is a big fan of Giada DeLaurentis. So I figured, there's something there.

I don't get it. I have tried, and I just don't get it.

So today, when reading the subtitles on IFC got to be more than I could take and I realized I had seen this particular "The Closer" three times, I switched to Giada. And the first thing out of her mouth was "Pea and Basil Soup."

Just gag me with a spoon. There is NOTHING you can do to pureed peas to make them edible...just ask any 12-month-old staring at that shit coming at his face.

And while I'm at it? Will someone just SLAP that happy little 30-minute chick? Either take up smoking and bourbon to do something about that whiny little voice, or learn how to say "olive oil".


City Girl said…
And the choir said, "AMEN, Sister!"

Ugh. Gawd I can't stand Giada - I'd like to slap that sneer/smile clean off her face. And wear some damn clothes when you cook, for Pete's sake. I keep waiting for her d├ęcolletage to get splattered with hot bacon grease. That'll teach her. Scrawny bitch.
Country Girl said…
When I told B who she is he asked, "Wonder how much effort SHE made to get a TV show?" Good point.
City Girl said…
A great deal of horizonal effort, clearly.
City Girl said…
LOL...LMAO.... Anthony Bourdain slays Yum-o Bitch. LOL.