To hell in a handcart

WASHINGTON (Sept. 20) - The Senate approved a resolution on Thursday denouncing the liberal antiwar group over an advertisement that questioned the credibility of Gen. David H. Petraeus, the American commander in Iraq .

I look at my kids sleeping sometimes and wonder just what in the hell I've done. We live this nice, safe, sheltered life and sometimes I am SO afraid of what the future holds for them.

HOW CAN THEY DO THIS? How can you POSSIBLY pass a Senate resolution over something like this? Criticize and the Senate comes after you? Can anyone say, "My Lai"?

My entire childhood, through high school, we watched the bodies come home, on the news at night. The flag-draped coffins were loaded off the planes, with appropriate accompanying honors. Did you know that the government today WON'T LET YOU SEE THAT? He says it's "demoralizing". Well, no, it's not. It's keeping the war real and close to home as opposed to turning it into some abstract duel on foreign soil that's not ever REALLY going to touch us.

And the Bush coffers just keep on swelling.


City Girl said…
For the record, I think this ad was grossly unfair. No so unfair as to round up MoveOn staffers and send them to Gitmo, but a spectacularly cheap shot nonetheless.

About six years ago I joined MoveOn. About five years ago I asked them to forget they'd ever heard of me.
City Girl said…
PS - The biggest difference in my mind between this war and Vietnam? No draft. With the exception of any remaining Guardsmen - who should be the first to come home - the soliders in Iraq and Afghanistan are professionals.
Country Girl said…
Now see, I knew I should have qualified that when I wrote it. It doesn't MATTER who said it. I have the right say ANYTHING I WANT TO (you know that:) as long as I'm willing to take the heat. But there is no point in time that, as a government entity, the Senate can bristle at criticism. (At least until it does something about it's pension plan!)