The Al Gore thing no problem with this award. The poetic justice just makes my heart happy, and I think a PP presentation is a wonderful place from which to start. Maybe someone will LISTEN now...oh, wait! The man who occupies the most powerful office on the planet says THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARMING.

Well. That settles that.

And while I'm at it? Carol Gotbaum? The woman in the airport who killed herself with her handcuffs? Had I been there, with my kids, I'd have left. Had I not been able to remove myself from the immediate premises? And that woman was THROWING her cellphone around in the same enclosure with MY kids? I'd have held her down while they handcuffed her. Ideally, there should be a safety net. In real life? Ain't gonna happen and that woman had NO BUSINESS in that airport, alone. So don't blame the "people" who didn't pat her on the back. At some point in time, we all dance alone.

Wheres the Safety Net? - Judith Warner - Domestic Disturbances - Opinion - New


City Girl said…
Her husband called the authorities to warn them that she was basically nuts.

So where the hell was HE? Unless he was in an iron lung or prison, there is no excuse for him letting her travel alone. Jeez.