Does Louis Vuitton do caskets?

The other day I read something that wasted paper expounding on how passe molten chocolate cake is. (I know that little punctuation thing is in here somewhere.) And I thought, How damn stupid is THAT? Why would something that makes your mouth sing be "out of fashion"? WHOSE fashion? The first time I ever fainted over one of these was in the Bahamas about 25 years ago, and you had to order it when you first entered the restaurant. Cafe Martinique. And they...I can't remember. But it was the real kind (not a souffle) where they spooned something extra into the middle just before you ate it, to complement what was already gooshing around in there. Grand Marnier something, I think. And a couple of years ago I had one in Bham, with vanilla bean gelato and fudge AND butterscotch sauce and NO, it wasn't overkill. It was orgasmic. They had equally good coffee. I think I took a nap in the car afterwards. Drooling on the seat.

And THEN, something popped up a minute ago about how "yesterday" cupcakes are.

Cupcakes. Excuse me, but cupcakes are the foundation on which this country, your mama, and the basis of democracy are based. If you are a child, you need cupcakes. If you are a mom, you need cupcakes. If you are a teacher, cupcakes mean the difference in getting home at 4:30 or getting home at five o'clock. Cupcakes WORK. Cupcakes may be the single most efficient discovery since the wheel. And some yo-yo somewhere is denigrating CUPCAKES?

(That cute little baby cupcake in the corner? I made those last year for the Not Nice Kid's first grade teacher's baby shower. I mean, just how much guest intimidation is THAT?)

Well, I just want to know when that yo-yo is passing through the Pearly Gates because I don't want to be NO WHERE NEAR. (That's a Center Star term.) The lightening bolt will be all-encompassing.


City Girl said…
Okay, I am literally laughing out loud, not only because I never in my life expected to see the words denigrating and cupcakes in the same sentence, but also because I have NO IDEA how that title has anything to do with the post. Maybe because Louis Vuitton and passe are both French? ::laugh::
Country Girl said…
I'm guessing Louis Vuitton won't ever be passe. Have you SEEN the $3000 plaid plastic bag? And I KNOW a guy who will give up molten chocolate cakes and cupcakes just because he read they were "over." But he'll save up (and skip that second honeymoon) for a LV casket. Because...he read that was cool.
City Girl said…
He does not need a second honeymoon, b/c he is CLEARLY gay.