Does Pet Depot Sell Mongooses?

I have a severe snake phobia. It is debilitating. Today on Fox News I have discovered a whole new level of terror. A woman found a 7 foot long python in her potty! Not cool people. No one told me snakes could enter your house via your toilet!

I should have known this would happen eventually. I’ve been wary of snakes in bathrooms ever since the cartoon version of Rikki Tikki Tavi used to air on TV once a year when I was a child. The giant black cobra, Nag, wrapped himself around an urn in the bathroom waiting to bite the next person to come in. For many years I would look around the base of the toilet and anything else a snake might wrap himself around to make sure there were no cobras in my bathroom. The fact that cobras were not indigenous to Alabama never occurred to me. I’m with the late, great Lewis Grizzard on that point. “What kind of snake was it? Why, it was either a Copper-headed Rattle Moccasin or a Cobra.”

I told my husband we must now always close the toilet lids. He said, “Do you think a 7 ft long python would have trouble lifting a toilet lid?” Ok, so does anyone know where to get an anvil? I guess I better Google the ACME Company.


City Girl said…
Apparently I never told you about the water moccasin in my toilet when I lived in Florida! My beagle found it. The lid has been shut tight as a drum ever since.
Comet Girl said…
OMG!!!!!!! Snakes on the Plane? Puh-leeze!