Escape From Monster Island

No, no, no. Not a post about New York.
Ye great smarrrrt-ass.

It's time to start ramping up to my most-favorite, insulin-shocking, excuse to wear a sexy wig holiday: Columbus Day.

Nah. Just joshin'. It's Halloweeeeeen, my pretty!
:: WW of the W Cackle ::

In preparation for this spookiest of bastardized, ancient Celtic celebrations, here is a list of 31 movies to rent/download every day for the rest of the month, just to get into the spirit of things.

(Country Girl, I said, "spirit" not "spirits. " Step away from the Blanton's - you're still on meds!)

If you prefer your films sans nightmare, try this list.

There will never, ever again be anyone as spooky as Vincent Price.
The Pit and the Pendulum? :: shiver ::


Country Girl said…
OH! OhOhOhOhOh! In spite of the...shame...associated with ordering things from TV, I have a couple of products ordered in weak (re:bourbon) moments that are great. One is make-up, but my daughter had to order that one first. One is a 50 Movie Pack of Horror Classics!! Lots of classics but some you'll never see again...The Last Man on Earth. The Terror Doomed to Die. THE SCREAMING SCULL! Oh, joy. October.