Is He really reading my emails?

I worry about you people, a lot, because I don't know how God has time to take care of you because He spends so much time bailing me out. Of stuff. About 43 million times a day I cast my eyes upward and mouth a silent "thank you" because I've done something stupid, again, and somehow, again, everything worked out. As usual.

And in the midst of all this, I get an email. They differ, but the meantness is the same: If I don't forward this email IMMEDIATELY to...take your pick...10, 20, 30 people....something horrible is going to happen to me. Or if I DO forward it, I am going to be blessed with a specific event at a specific time for a specific reason. Either way, if I don't forward it on I don't love/believe/trust God.

ARE THESE PEOPLE FUCKING STUPID? I can see falling for this the first time you saw it, oh, say, TEN YEARS AGO. But puh-leeze...God doesn't read your emails! Or take notes!

And if He does, you're in a WHOLE lot more trouble for sending on that Snow White humping the seven dwarves cartoon than you are for not sending some cute little kitten with a pink bow to everyone you know.

Trust me. God told me in an email.


Comet Girl said…
I have threatened every person who emails me these with bodily harm. God knows what's in my heart, he doesn't need to see it in html format!