Apparently, I was the last person on Earth - and that includes inhabitants of Tritan da Cunha, Carthusian monks and other individuals who don't have uninterrupted internet access - to see this.

So if someone hadn't brought it to my lagging attention last week I would have missed it completely and then THIS would not have been nearly as funny.

That's right. It's a lolcat. And I lol'ed.

Judge me if you must, but I know that you still have a woobie, eat liver cheese and engage in a variety of other clandestine activities that would result in ridicule if discovered by your peers. Dancing with the Stars, anyone?

Soooo.... go on and just try this one. You smirked again, didn't you? Go on, click on the next one. Awwww. How cute is that? Insulin shock cute, I know. Click again. And again. You can't stop, can you?

I guarandamntee that very, very few people would ever peg me for a lolcatter. And they won't suspect you, either... So go ahead, bookmark the page.

You know you want to. (bwaaaa-haa-haaaa!)


City Girl said…
Again with the damn inability to change the date of a draft when it finally gets posted. We may need to move this site to typepad.

comet girl said…
I think you need an intervention ;o) But the Scotty one owns me!