:: silent scream ::

Let me just go on record as saying that Newsweek is to news publications as George Bush is to Yale grads.

This week’s "episode" of Newsweek features an article on the leadership styles of powerful American women. Okay, I'll bite - it's fluffy but vaguely interesting.

A few of the women held up as bright, shining examples are:

Political commentator Arianna Huffington

First Black Female US Mayor Shirley Franklin

And Rachel Ray

WTF? Wait a minute, let me recount… Questionably influential media person – check. Political leader and role model – check. Hack cook and annoying teevee personality – check?

Once again, Newsweek grossly underestimates the intellectual capacity of the American public.
And it Pisses. Me. Off.

I want you to guess - just GUESS - what is currently featured on the covers of European, Asian and Latin American Newsweek………..Science. Specifically how technology is partnering with biology to combat hereditary illness.

Holy crap. That’s news. Here is something that has the potential to ease pain and suffering in the world…buuuut you thought we’d be more interested in reading about the person who gave us “Yum-O!” ::silent scream::

Maybe I’m overreacting, but a reasonably intelligent person should expect a news magazine to contain some actual hard-freaking-news.

Kids, I am begging you, if you are going to take time out of your busy lives to learn about the big-wide world, please, for the love of Edward R. Murrow, read something worthwhile. The WSJ Weekend Edition offers all the cultural timeliness and twice the useful information without the demeaning Newsweek/Time/USN&WR aftertaste.

Or, you know, you could read news-y blogs. I'm just sayin'.


Country Girl said…
No, you're not overreacting. At least they didn't show her with tartar sauce dripping off her tits.
City said…
They leave that to Giada....
comet girl said…
I think the staff at "People" and "US" moonlight at the so called "respectable" mags. to meet their pro bono obligations.