Tchaikovksy is SPINNING, I Tell You!

Okay, kids, today brings you another installment of "Country Girl is Otherwise Occupied and City Girl is Wicked Busy Writing Things for the People Who Pay Her to Write Things."

Brought to you by the letters "N," "P," "I," and "S" for Nothing Particularly Interesting to Say.

BUT because I HATE to go to my favorite blogs (are we your favorite? really? aw, shucks.) only to find that no one has posted anything for days and days, I - we - make an effort to post something every weekday.

"Something" in the case of our blog is defined as material recycled from YouTube or Digg. Some little nugget that makes me go, "WTF?" and I think will elicit the same reaction from you.

This is absolutely for real. I did not find it on The Onion.

(Please note the quotes to the right: "No comment" - Bill ::guffaw::)

So dig out that Christmas list and start shopping! Know somebody who hates Hillary? It's a gag gift! Know a total political wonk? It's better than a Han Solo action figure! Know somebody (anybody?) who loves Hill? It's the perfect, thoughtful stocking-stuffer!

Yes, I said Christmas shopping. My God, it's October already! What are you waiting for? Hey, don't look at me like that. OCD is very useful sometimes.

So there you have it. Today's lazy-recycled-info-post turned helpful-Christmas-shopping-hint.

We're like a public service announcement, only without the annoying political correctness.