They get PAID to write this stuff?

I love Super Bowl ads. Not all of them but you have to admit that halftime of the SB (excluding the entertainment part) is some of the greatest entertainment on the planet. Which brings us to advertisements. Of assorted sorts.

Being me, I have a certain amount of freedom in what I watch on television because we don't watch much. It's ON all the time, but insofar as sitting down and paying attention, it better involve The Band or Jack Nicholson, or there's a good chance there's no one in the room.

Which brings us to commercials.

There was this commercial on some of the off-channels. Which featured a female motorcycle cop, citing a guy for not having an AARP card. And if that commercial came on, I changed the channel. Didn't matter if I was half-way into a cooking program or waiting on JD to name the killer or watching the Fort Worth police department announce that Cullen Davis didn't kill his wife's lover and daughter...again. I changed the channel. AND THEN? AND THEN?

Jones didn't even show his face. But there's a new commercial and I don't care if W-What's-His-Face is finally taking his sorry ass home....I'm changing the channel. It's the commercial where the guys are eating take-out pizza dessert shit, that involves Oreos. I may have the meantness wrong but there is a meaningful(?) exchange between a young guy and a younger guy about Oreo facial debris.

They don't pay me enough to watch this shit. Having said this, I like the Sonic commercials. That woman kicks butt.

YOUR commercial issues?


City Girl said…
The Oreo pizza commercial absolutely freaks me out.

Sticks N Stuff. As if the name wasn't bad enough they employ The Woman With The Worst Accent in Existence to narrate their commercials.

And Lynn Layton. I don't know who supplies the female voice-over, but I will never buy a vehicle from that man b/c of her. I swear to God that voice can raise the dead.
Anonymous said…
Okay - I have to say the pizza commercial makes me roll my eyes so far back into my skull that I'm seconds into the next commercial before I can get them back out and yes, sonic commercials make me laugh out loud but my most recent shoot diet coke through my nose funny commercial is the Arbys commercial with the monkeys doing the river dance. Too funny.