Those don't LOOK like an HDTV

On having insurance and being lucky and WHAT THE HELL DO POOR PEOPLE DO?

I think I'm better. I had another reaction last Monday to the meds, vancomycin. So they put me on a new one that's a "push," as opposed to dripping from a bag. Home health called and told me I'd have to sign a release before I started it and while I'm sitting there debating the wisdom of putting something into my body that's so toxic I have to sign a release, they tell me no...the release is for the COST! $562 dollars a day. Costs me $50, starting at ten days and potentially going to 21.
I told the kids, I hope they can do something creative with empty syringes and IV bags for Christmas, because that's all they're going to get. I'm sure you could do something lovely with counted cross-stitch and a used IV bag.

(I wrote that last night in an email to an aunt. I'm sitting here now having another drug reaction and waiting on the doctor to call. I have five days worth of meds...THAT'S $2800 WORTH OF MEDICATION...paid for in my refrigerator. I'm gonna take that shit if I have to drink it.)


City Girl said…
We just posted at exactly the same time. Sorry! Didn't mean to take the top position!
City Girl said…

Oh, Honey. I'm sorry.

Jeez, that'd be one hell of an expensive martini.

Maybe the Doc should just, you know, stop with the meds already and see what happens, no?