Amidst the mayhem...

...just look at that picture! There's not a bare surface in this house and I turned around and right in the middle of everything this just looked so...right. So far, so good. Potatoes, spinach and squash casseroles in the refrigerator. Bourbon-pumpkin cheese cake in the refrigerator and pecans sugared in a container for garnish. One turkey on the grill, one in the oven. That leaves homemade rolls. I'd better get on that. Because after THAT, I'm sitting my ass down with a glass of...something. Tired as I am, I might oughta go "sissy" tonight.

Oh. By the way. I had a staph infection for four months this year and may I just say, I'm really thankful to be here. Whole, hale and healthy. Thank you, God.


City Girl said…
A-MEN, sister. We're thankful you're still here, too.

She scared us all with that bit of nastiness, you know.