And The List Goes On...

What I’m Eating: Had crab legs last night. yummy, yummy, yummy. Yep, cups and cups of drawn butter. Diet be damned.

What I’m Drinking: Lots and lots of water to purge the cups and cups of drawn butter. Today reality kicks in.

What I’m Listening to: The hum of fluorescent lights above my head. How depressing is that?

What I’m Reading: Just started today another James Patterson novel “The Quickie”. Don’t cast stones. A monkey, albeit a very talented one, could do my job so it leaves lots of gaps in my time (since I have a somewhat higher intelligence level than a monkey) that must be filled with something. Even Patterson’s drivel will work. I’m not sure he even wrote this one. Talking about resting on your laurels, he’s so famous he can have someone else write the damn book and just add his name, top billing, to the cover.

What’s Pissing Me Off: Continuing saga of my pushing 40 health issues. Today I made my first appointment with a podiatrist. Yep, all those years of high-heels has taken their toll. I’m hoping he will have some sage advice other than, “stop wearing high-heels”. I’m 5’3” and everyone thinks I’m 5’7” for a reason. My personality is too big for a 5’3” body!

What’s Cracking Me Up: Thinking about doing a Spin Class with my husband tonight. Not knowing my husband you couldn't possibly understand how funny it will be to watch him pedal his little ass off on a stationary bike for an hour. Those of you who do know him will have already created a mental picture. You’re welcome!


Heather said…
Have fun with the podiatrist. I had foot surgery in 2005 - bunion removal, some other things. Not fun, but it was definitely worth it. Before I had the surgery, even sneakers were painful. I was only 26 when I had the surgery - a life of crappy feet, not crappy shoes. Even after surgery, I still have to wear custom orthotics. Eventually, I'll have to have surgery on my other foot.

Hopefully, you've found a good podiatrist. Mine was also my surgeon, and he was great. Good luck!
City Girl said…
Your husband (here and forever more know in blogdom as "The Silver Fox") in a spin class. hee-hee-hee!
Comet Girl said…
Heather-thanks for the encouraging words. My podiatrist is also a surgeon and has a wonderful rep.

City, I love it! "The Silver Fox" it shall be, or TSF for short!