But Everybody's Doing It!

Okay, so yesterday morning I’m getting ready to post only to realize that, aside from the same old shit about traffic, sprouts and Gordon Ramsay, I had nothing to say. Seriously, I need to get a damn life.

So I decided to try the latest meme out there, which goes something like, “Use Google Images to Answer These Questions and Post the Most Interesting Pictures You Find.”

Except that while Blogger, as I’ve expressed in the past, may be user-friendly in a bread-and-water sort of way (it’ll keep your heart beating, but you won’t enjoy it) if you want to get the least bit creative, it fights you like Dolly Parton’s breasts in a training bra. It’s a struggle. It’s ugly.

But I'm not giving up on this bastard. It may not be pretty, but here it is:

What's Your First Name?

What's Your Middle Name?

Where Were You Born?

Where You Live Now?

A Place You'd Like to Visit?

Favorite Food? (It IS a food!)

Favorite Color?

Name of a Past Pet?

Name of an Old Flame?

What Was Your First Job?

What Was Your College Major?

What is Your Worst Habit?


Comet Girl said…
Couldn't you have come up with a less depressing Anne? I love the transistion between Chi-town and Florence. Classic!