Clean House

This is my dining room table. For real. Or at least, the last time we saw what's UNDER this stuff, it was a dining room table.

There is a television show called Clean House, and my kids love it. They actually will sit and watch 30 minutes of people cleaning house...probably because, around here, THAT'S SUCH A NOVEL THOUGHT. Now, the show IS funny. It's actually VERY funny and if you have ever looked around your house and just...gone to the Mexican restaurant and had a margarita rather than look at the sit and watch with empathy just oozing out your pores.

People who don't live like this have no concept...they just look at the mess and think "I believe I'll clean this up." People like me look at it and think "Damn. That's a mess."

If you listen to what the organizing people say, you should tackle everything one piece at a time. But in MY life, the pieces one, multiply. Two, they migrate into piles and then three, they multiply AGAIN. Like, little rabbity staph germs or something.

So, here I sit. I have...three hours before I have to get in the shower and head out. In my head I know that in three hours, I could clean up that dining room. But in my heart I know that if I do, when I get home tonight that stuff will be waiting in ambush and tomorrow morning? The hall will be hostage, too.

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City Girl said…
You just ain't right, you know that?
Comet Girl said…
I'm having anxiety. With the acquisition of the husband and the 2 kids that the ex-wife NEVER makes clean up ANYTHING, this kind of thing could happen to me. Things are already starting to creep out of the 17 yr olds room as we speak.
cynicalhag said…
I think I just fell in love with you - in a totally straight kind of way! That looks like my house and it just doesn't freak me out - I wish I did - I wish I couldn't sleep when the house was messy - I'd LOVE to be that kind of person but I just can. It just doesn't mess with me and when I get a weekend free, I buckle down, and work on my house ALL DAMN day and then it starts building up all over again. No biggie! Nothing a margarita can't fix! Thanks for showing us this - thanks for being REAL!!