Comet Girl...I want yours.

What I'm Eating: Leftovers from the grill at the corner at Five Points in Bham yesterday. Not good on its own but...I added a few things.

What I'm Drinking: One of my preparation for the quesadilla slice that's warming and then I get another one (beer). I drink MBL. By choice. Don't want to hear it.

What I'm Listening to: Matlock's on. I think. I'm in withdrawal from the Boris Karloff salute last night. Guess we'll have to pull out the 50 Horror Classics tonight.

What I'm Reading: Oh. Puh-leeze. This is one of my goals in life. I used to read 3-5 books a week, no matter what, because I read and retain faster than anyone you know. Now, I read old favorites because if I put it down for two weeks, I can still remember where I was.

What's Pissing Me Off: My husband. I bought some REALLY good cheese yesterday. Like, about seven kinds. And I called him to ask what kind of REALLY good beer he wanted to taste with (I already bought the REALLY good wine) and he said, and I quote, "Like, ten dollars for a six-pack? I'll take Keystone Light." You stupid fucker. HOW DO YOU THINK THAT AMEX GETS THERE?

What's Cracking Me Up: The email from my kid's nice little private Catholic school which said, and I quote, "When leaving the parking lot after picking up your child, please turn right."

I grew up the child of a public school administrator. I know more about the in's and out's and legalities of running a school system than most people ever DREAM of...and this dumb-ass is telling me WHICH WAY TO TURN?


niCk (Mem Beth) said…
Found you via NaBloPoMo. Just thought you might like to know I started a "Alabama Bloggers" group at that site.

Love the blog, I'll be back.
niCk (Mem Beth) said…
I found you via NaBloPoMo site. I thought you might like to know that I started an "Alabama Bloggers" group at the site.

Love the blog, I'll be back