I'll Get You My Pretty and Your Little Cousin Too!

Well, I guess this is the official kick-off of NaBloPoMo. We solemnly swear to do our best to post something everyday of the month of November, so help us God!

Last night was Halloween, one of my personal favorite holidays. I guess it’s the actress in me. So, my 2-1/2 year old, my 11 year old and my 3 year old nephew as well as grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles all went out to Treat-or–Treat in the traditional sense. We rode around in a trailer pulled by my father-in-law’s bathroom sized SUV in our own little mini hayride. We only stopped at houses in my neighborhood (we didn’t bus our kids into a neighborhood they don’t live in) that had lights on and clearly seen Halloween decorations. We went to this one house that met all these criteria and the two youngest ran ahead fighting each other over who got to ring the doorbell. Well, needless to say, with toddlers everything is done to the nth degree so the doorbell probably got rang 3 or 4 times. The door flies open and the honest-to-god Wicked Witch of the South (the lesser known sister of the witches of the East and West) is standing in the doorway, sans costume. I recognized her by her shrill evil voice which shrieked, “ONLY RING THE DOORBELL ONCE!” And then she threw, THREW, the candy into the buckets of my sweet innocent Halloween loving children. I told her we were sorry and that they were only babies but she wasn’t amused and slammed the door. So mama bear got pissed. I said, very loudly, for the kids to throw the candy she had just given them into the yard because it was probably poisoned because that’s what evil witches did. They poisoned little kids and then cooked them in their big ovens.

If you don’t want overly enthusiastic children coming to your door on Halloween then turn off the lights, put away the decorations and go out on your back patio and tend your cauldron.


Country Girl said…
Ooooh. Make a note of the address. I've got some pumpkins gonna be NASTY in a week or so. She can have them then.
City Girl said…

Note for next year:
Have them chew up the candy, right then and there, ring the doorbell, and as she answers, SPIT the macerated fructose and corn starch stickiness onto her doormat.

Heh-heh-heh. There's you're TRICK, Bitch.