Lamest. Post.Ever.

Okay, kids, this is where the NaBloPoMo rubber meets the road.

It's Thanksgiving week, I've been in Marketing meetings for two days, have two inches of drywall dust to clean up at my house and am trying to shop and pack for a four-day, 20 hour round-trip drive (alone) to the Great White North to visit the famn dambly.

We have witnessed the time-starved insanity that is Country Girl's life. *shudder*

Comet Girl is working, chasing a toddler and preparing to make the rounds on Turkey Day.

So CAN we keep this up? WILL we remember to post every day this holiday week? DOES the triptophan in turkey really make you sleepy or is it being around your dull relatives that actually does you in?

Insert "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" dun-dun-dun-dun effect and lights here.
Stay tuned.
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Country Girl said…
We're covered. I went to WalMart today (remind me at some point to pull out the Why I Don't Step Foot in WalMart post) and I have no intention of leaving this house again until Monday morning. By then, I'll be...what's the word for what that machine did in The Fly? either the stove or the computer!
Heather said…
We're supposed to visit friends on TurkeyDay, but one of the kids is sick, so we're not sure yet if we're going. If we don't go, I'll just throw something quick together. I'm just not sure what to do with myself this year since I'm not cooking. :)
Comet Girl said…
We won't let you down chick! Have a safe trip and give the 'tives my salutations!