Let's talk menus

Just because the diversity of the food that will be eaten by this bunch of bloggers next Thursday has the potential to be staggering.

Okay. I'm old rural South. Born and raised. Been there, done that, came home. Our Thanksgiving involves...the base family...two parents and three kids and then expands from there. Grandkids. Great-grandkids. Spouses. In-laws. Friends who are family. A couple of lonely people. Around 30 in all. As the oldest child somehow I ended up being the coordinator which, THANK YOU EMAIL, isn't as hard as it could have been. And I'm making my list and going over the menu and it's amazing the baggage two people (my parents) can pick up over nearly 60 years of marriage.

It will also be interesting to see next Friday just how much of this became reality. I've been know to have that first toddy before I started the potatoes and somehow...the toddy won. It happens.

Two turkeys...one cider-brined, one citrus-brined and then fresh sage and bacon butter packed under the skin.
Portabello potatoes...buttermilk-mashed potatoes with portabellos and parmesan
Home-made rolls...My grandmother used to make them and the first year I did it she picked one up, eyeballed it and announced, "Mighty stingy little roll." She was right. I fixed it.
A green casserole...we LOVE spinach and artichokes so this one is easy.
A squash casserole...my husband's aunt brought this one a while back and it's become a staple...it has cheese, water chestnuts and stuffing mix so there's SOME taste.
A bourbon-pumpkin cheesecake I got off the Makers Mark site.
Black pepper and rosemary crusted pork tenderloin
Mac & cheese and sorry, it's the velveeta kind. The little kids love it.
Butterpeas. With bacon grease.
Fruit salad. I hate that stuff, but my great-grandmother always made it. So there.
Cranberry sauce...a fresh one and the one in the can. The little kids, again.
A pecan pie. The real one, off the Karo bottle.
Dressing...my sister-in-law makes this with garlic and herbs and it is LUSCIOUS. Cornbread, of course.
The big grandkids (we have two sets...big kids and little kids) each are bringing a casserole this year. They're all in the food service business so there's a really good chance we get double what Ruby Tuesday or Mason's is having that day.
An appetizer...just to sit on the kitchen table and absorb the alcohol before dinner.
Sweet potatoes. With pecans and brown sugar on top. Ummmm.
Another casserole of something we've never tried before. Surprise us.
One in-law hasn't answered yet so that will involve hot fruit? Green beans? Potato salad?

Good thing we don't have to eat again until Christmas!