Officially Not Worth Paper its Printed On

I hope everyone reading this post is perfectly happy to vacation on domestic (American) soil for the rest of their natural lives, because there is not a chance in hell any of us will be able to afford to travel internationally in the next five freaking decades.

As for the international fans out there, c’mon over! It’s as cheap as visiting the Third World, but with half the diseases!

They’re blowing their noses with dollars in Dublin because they cost less than Kleenex.

The American Dollar is in a death spiral and the Fed seems ::yawn:: not overly interested in doing anything about it. You know, like going for Chinese food. Eh. Take it or leave it.

But maybe this news will change someone’s tune: Seven countries just announced they will stop trading commodities in US Dollars including… Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

OMG! Our BFFs are bailing on our currency!

So what message, exactly, does this send to Washington? Besides “We’re breaking up with you and we want the ring back. Oh, and we slept with your sister.”

Kids, its basic economics: When demand decreases, value decreases, and the US Dollar is about to become the Beanie Babies of international currencyTM.

Soon those Dubliners will be wiping their asses with dollars and we’ll be fighting over those weird Canadian quarters that get stuck in the Coke machines. Not that I’m making fun of Canadian currency, which is doing very well thankyouverymuch.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m shopping for a new BFF, preferably in the Mediterranean. Any takers?


fatboyfat said…
The American tourists I saw in London yesterday had none of the normal natural joy we've come to expect.

I think they'd just worked out the price of a pint. Sorry about that.
Country Girl said…
Snort. Remember when your mama told you, "You will be known by the company you keep."? Well, you better get rid of the BFF over here, who GOT YOU INTO THIS MESS, before you ask the nice kids to play with you. Right now, we're that fat kid who ate his boogers.
melissa said…
Well, at least now some of those collectors (like my mom unfortunately) who thought they could retire on beanie babies will be able to do something with them.