Pomp and Circumstance

I'm so proud. ::sniffle, sniffle::

It turns out this little angry blog - which is really just a place for Country Girl to electronically agonize over the stupidity of humanity, and for me to cut loose with expletives I'm not allowed to use in office email - is actually written at a college level.

It says so right here.

This must be what it feels like when your toddler graduates from preschool... or calls that asshole of a neighbor "Bastard" for the first time. ::flubber::

Admittedly Country, Comet and I collectively have about 18 years of college under our cinched, patent-leather belts, and all three of us were either English or communications majors. So, you know, I guess this should come as no surprise, but the recognition, the affirmation is, well...surprising. So I'm proud and confused.

Consider this: the average newspaper is written at an 8th Grade level. USA-Someone-Stop-Me-Before-I-Blind-Myself-With-Bleach-Today is reportedly written at a 6th Grade level.

Note: For you Gen-Y and younger readers, a newspaper is an arcane form of communication whereby giant sheets of printed paper are stacked together, rolled up, and thrown into your bushes. They contain day-old news and make your hands dirty. Yeah, I know, what's the point?

We blog about cheese and mongooses (classics) and the decline of trick-or-treating and home maintenance.

I wrote my senior thesis, I think, on the Flattening Effect in broadcast journalism whereby sensational issues of the day (OJ, Anna Nichole) are given the same amount of respect, credibility and air-time as relevant, life-altering issues (war, the economy) so viewers come to believe they are equally important.

Hell, if I'd known I could reach "college level" by ranting about the idiocy of Newsweek and posting "Achmed the Dead Terrorist" clips I wouldn't have worked so FREAKING HARD!

Somebody pour me a bourbon. I need to celebrate. I think.


Heather said…
Achmed rocks! I KEEEELL YOU!
Comet Girl said…
WOW! I'm such a very small part of this sociopathic, I mean sociological, experiment but I feel so honored. Who’d a thunk it?
Comet Girl said…
Ooh, ooh, ooh! I just checked it again and it says we're post grad level now!
City Girl said…
I think that using "whereby" in that post must have pushed us over the top. Wow. What an easy grader. I wish I'd had that algorithm for Comm Law instead of Dr. Martin!