Roar Lions! Just Don't Stand Up!

A local man was arrested Saturday at the game between UNA and W. Georgia for STANDING. He wasn’t drunk. He wasn’t using profanity. He was standing and cheering for his team. Wow! Getting arrested for having team spirit. That’s a new one. TUNA cops asked him to sit down. After refusing, stating this was a sporting event and he had every right to stand and cheer, he was promptly cuffed in front of his adult children and a group of high-school kids that had come with him and lead out of the stadium. He was taken to the Lauderdale County Detention Center and had to bail out. Think any local attorneys want a piece of this one? Keep a look out on the horizon for the ACLU; I think I hears ‘em comin’.


Country Girl said…
Well, I laughed all the way home after listening to this uproar on the radio but there is a thing in the paper, unverified, that says this guy was NOT sitting in General Admission seats but had moved into seats in the reserved section. Supposedly, the guy telling THIS version knew the people the seats belonged to. If THAT'S the case, I'll have to change sides. I hate it when that happens. Wonder if it's true?
City Girl said…
I cannot BELIEVE that man got up and let himself be interviewed on the news last night! His son ATTENDS UNA. Can you imagine? What sort of long-term psychological and social damage is THAT going to do to the kid?

I could tell by the interview that this man is an Asshole of the First Order. As far as I'm concerned they should have tasered him.