To cover us...I'm outta here!

They're turning on the Christmas lights in the park tonight. We're not going. We have the potential here to have the damnedest Valentine's Day on record, once reality sets in and they realize I'm serious.

Note from City Girl:
I had to add the image, Country Girl.

Nothin' like a little SNL Old School, "We're Outta Here!"

Also, a big Thank You to everyone who has stuck by us all month!

I have to admit, this blog has gotten a bit shaky at times during NaBloPoMo. For instance, the Ate It/Drank It/Listened to It concept didn't exactly make for riveting reading. And "The.Lamest.Post.Ever" was a new personal low. Entirely without redemption. Except for the image of Gordon, of course.

But you're still here - well, most of you are - and we appreciate you very much.


Tom said…
I'd love nothing more than to not put up a tree and I already don't put up outside lights.

I told the kids that we weren't having a tree this year, I might set a wreath on the table and we'll put a couple presents around it, but they aren't buying it.

They know they're mother too well.

I'm Chevy Chase aaaand you're not!
Tom said…
I also wanted to ask City Girl, if you ever listen to 88.1 The Way FM out of Huntville since I noticed that you're around there. I have a friend that just moved there and is the program director at that station. Jack is his name. So if you happened to be listening or something, I thought you might be interested.
City Girl said…

Even though I'm a marketing professional, commercials of any kind drive me absolutely crazy. Can't listen to them, can't watch them, ESPECIALLY locally-produced commercials. As a result I rarely listen to anything but Public Radio, audiobooks and "mix tapes" (or whatever the modern iTunes/CD version of that low-tech 1980s innovation is called.)

I do deal with the media every now and then, so I'll keep an eye out for Jack. :o)