Turkey Day in Yankee Town

Yankee Town as in, "Won't you take me to?"

Try to lose that one all day. You're welcome.

Just in case your relatives don't already think you're strange they will after listening to you hum "Funky TO-OWN" all day.

Sweet Potato Salutations and Giblet Greetings, kids!

So it snowed here this morning and I was TOTALLY excited...and then it melted. But that's okay, b/c I took about 30 pictures of the flurries. That'll have to last me the rest of the winter.

Sitting here watching the Macy's Day Parade (our name for it) with the rugrats and learning all about these new cartoon personalities. They're frightening, frankly. Thank God Snoopy is still representing or I might not recognize a single helium-engorged character.

That's about it from here. Collecting post material that should last me until Easter.

Can't wait to compare notes with CGs 1 & 3 re: this National Day of Feasting, Football and Familial Anxiety.