Why I love Paula Deen

City Girl cooked me dinner last night. I mean...she served up warm and fuzzy on a plate. Crawl in a hole and rub this stuff all over you good. The only reason citygirlhusband finished before I did is because he doesn't talk as much as I do.

We were discussing Over The Top...and that would be Paula Deen. Keeping in mind I DON'T DO SWEETS, she did this show the other day that just cracked me up. You have to love a woman who puts half a stick of butter in a dish, looks at the other half and then...just eats it. Someone hand me a roll. Lets us not waste good butter. (That's a Southern phrase and I can't figure out the correct...whatever.)

So Paula Deen made this recipe that the Little Kids in this family would LOVE. She made super-thick sweet potatoes, took a fucking MARSHMALLOW, wrapped it in the sweet potato mixture and then ROLLED IT IN SWEETENED COCONUT. Baked it for a few minutes and then, OMG. This comes back to, This just grosses me out. But how cool is such? How much do you love someone who looks at the good stuff and...lives in it?

Happy Thanksgiving.


City Girl said…
Mushroom gravy IS a great comfort!