And Now For Something Completely Different

It's December 24 and Christmas is soooo over.

But ya know what's not over? That's right, the Iowa Caucus, Baby!

For our international friends, Iowa is a state of the Union of which you would never have heard were it not for our pal Tom and Maytag Blue Cheese. A caucus is a sort of primary election - but not really. Anyway, it is the traditional kickoff of a presidential election year.

I watched Huckabee - a part-time Baptist minister from Arkansas who does not believe in evolution and is determined that the Creation Theory be taught in public schools - on a Sunday morning political talk show yesterday. For one fleeting second I thought, "He may not be as derranged as I thought...he wants to replace the income tax with a European-style consumer tax, which I've been in favor of for decades." Hnugh. Huckabee. Huckabee? She is crazy, no?

Well, no. Here it is, from the horses The Evil Michelle Malkin is coming down on Huckabee b/c his campaign dissed egomaniacle, dope-addled, hate-mongering, talking head Rush Limbaugh.

Huckabee hates Rush + Malkin hates Huckabee = Viable Crossover Candidate?

And by "crossover" I mean crossing over both types of Republican candidates (crazy fundamentalist and intelligent conservatives) didn't think I actually meant Independent or Democratic voters, did you?

I'm just thinking that if he were the Republican candidate in November a Democratic win would be as certain as coal in Rush's fetid Christmas stocking.

So, Huckabee of the Floating Cross, game on!


Tom said…
Here's my thing about Huckabee... President Huckabee. How in the world would we ever hold our heads up in the international community with a President Huckabee?

Besides, anyone that has a brain detests Rush Limbaugh. That's like hating cancer.

I've lived in Iowa all my life and this will probably be the first year that I caucus. I don't even know how, but I totally intend to. And so everyone knows, Iowa is a nice place to be from and caucusing is one of the only things that Iowa is good for.

Believe me.
melissa said…
One can only hope.... :)

Hope you ladies had a great Christmas with lots of yummies and no more LKF. :)