Tragically Wired

As Fab Boy said in his last post, "Am I 21st Century or what?"

I laughed aloud when I read that this morning.

I laughed because I read the post while wearing a paper dress, impatiently sitting in a very cold (naturally) exam room at my doctor's office waiting... Waiting ...WAITING - Hello? Does anybody work here? - for my last nip-tuck check-up.

And I was pissed (in the American sense not the British sense, it was Monday morning and I do have a job and I am over the age of 25 after all) because I could not log onto Blogger from my Blackberry.

Now, I have seen a quick little "Blog Remotely!" promo on the Blogger site, but never clicked on it. Never needed it. Until now. It's like a flu shot that you postpone getting because, "I never get sick." Until you're sick. Then you're kicking yourself- engaging in self-flagellation, even - for not having taken five minutes to get the flu shot. But I digress.

So it suddenly occurred to me, "How very, very sad is this?" A year ago I did not own a Blackberry. Six months ago I was not partnering in a blog. Waaay back then I would have brought a book to the doctor's office. Now I'm cursing Charles Babbage, God, RIM, and St. Isidore because I can't blog from my PDA. I also get aggravated when I can't print from my sofa. I have WiFi, but I can't print remotely. I have to GET UP and plug the printer into my laptop. *dramatic roll of the eyes and teenage-like sneer* I might as well be typing on a Selectric and using carbon paper.

Which makes me one of THOSE people. And I'm not even sure who those people are, but I suspect they are the same tragically hip individuals who dress their toddlers in t-shirts that say, "My Mom's Blog is Cooler Than Your Mom's Blog" and who spend three hours arranging their hair so that it looks like they haven't washed or combed it since the last lunar eclipse.

But I don't want to be that person. Truly. I just want to be connected. And heard. So if the next time you see me I look like a squirrel is nesting in my 'do, I am dressed from the Salvation Army dumpster and am sporting such teeny-tiny, black-rimmed hipster glasses that it appears I can't actually see between the frames, please wrestle the Blackberry from my hand, disconnect my WiFi and change my Blogger password.

I would do the same for any of you. *smooch*

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alejna said…
I'll have you know that I can get my hair to look unwashed and uncombed with virtually no effort. (And with only occasional help from the squirrels.) Does this make me hip? (I thought it just made me lazy.)

I'm sorry to hear that you were unable to blog from the doctor's exam room. But were you composing this in your head as you cursed the inadequacies of your available technology?
Country Girl said…
As someone who only recently left dial-up hell, I'm just impressed with the fact that you're SUPPOSED to be able to blog remotely. No one told me that. Or maybe, I forgot.
fatboyfat said…
I can see I'm going to have to consider a name change, here. Might even (shudder) have to use my real one.

My printing procedure is even more convoluted. I email the document from my laptop to the desktop machine that's upstairs, and physically connected to the printer.

Given that my email forwarding service is based in the States, that means those 1's and 0's take a 7,000 mile return trip in order to go upstairs chez fatboyfat.

I am such a pillock.
City Girl said…
FBF - You are NOT a pillock.

You are simply bound by the limitations of technology currently available to you.

There is a it ever so slight. * wink *
Tom said…
If you see me and I have a 'do that looks like I haven't combed it since the last lunar eclipse,or have hair at all, something is seriously wrong! I will probably look like I'm dressed from the Salvation Army dumpster, because I will be and those little hipster glasses will be actual hornrims that have been run over. I don't pull off tragically hip well.

Tragic, yes.

Hip? Not so much.

But I'll still manage to put up a mobile post with my trusty PPC.