Hump Day

I got nothin' today, kids. Sorry.

Endured a 1,000 mile marathon trip North yesterday.

Travel time: 14* hours.
Meeting time: 3 hours.

Sat beside a man on the second leg of the trip up who sounded like he was trying to force a lung through his trachea. Nice. Naturally I forgot to take Airborne before boarding and today I'm feeling a bit... crappy. Not politely under the weather. Not peaked. Good old-fashioned Crappy.

So I leave you with this mildly amusing image and a promise to return tomorrow with better material.

Peace out.

*Recalculated after caffeine injection.


melissa said…
Ok. love, the poster and the plane picture. Classic. So your nothing is better than most people's somethings. :)

And a friend from England just sent me a copy of "The World According to Clarkson". LMFAO!