I was going to look for a picture of Scrooge...

...to post here when it occurred to me that I think I've already done that. I don't think it enough to go back and look and SEE if I've done it, but I'm pretty sure I did. I think there's a statement in there somewhere.

We actually DO have a tree. And that, I promise, is all we have and I had nothing to do with putting it up. Keeping in mind I have a seven- and twelve-year-old, I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell for this Christmas season. I just don't have it this year, and I'm not really WORRIED that I don't have it.

I have the Little Kid Funk and LKF HURTS old people. My head and my throat and my ears and my nose obviously took a trip scuba diving in Hawaii and left me here because honey, they are WATERLOGGED. The pisser here is that Saturday, when The Not Nice Kid had the funk? She played basketball in her league and scored 14 of their 17 points. With a 101 degree fever. Me? I just keep going through drive-throughs buying anything they're selling that's hot. A bean burrito. A beef and cheddar. I have one more scarf and one more wrist warmer to crochet and then...I hope I wrote this shit down because I don't have a CLUE what I've bought for whom.

You know what the hit present of the season will turn out to be? I bought my kids one of those super-sonic toothbrushes that has a read-out and tells you how long you've been brushing, with graphics for the areas of your mouth you haven't covered. You watch...the cellphone and iPod? They don't stand a chance against that toothbrush.


City Girl said…
Thank you for posting, CG1. :o)

I just don't have it in me today.