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County Girl and I talked this morning and she said that I have to say something about Jamie Lynn Spears. But I don't want to.
Until this morning I did not know Jamie Lynn Spears existed.

I AM all too painfully aware of her Silently Screaming Bloody Murder for Somebody to Please for God's Sake Help Her sister, Britney. I can't avoid her. Twice a week I go to the grocery store and there she is at the checkout. It's like watching a train wreck - "Ewww!...Oooo!"

When I heard this morning of the pregnancy of 16 year-old Jamie Lynn, my knee-jerk reaction was, "Can somebody please stop these two from breeding? Seriously? Are they trying to single-handedly repopulate New Orleans?"
(By the time you click that link, Kentwood, Louisiana may have removed Britney Spears' Hometown from it's homepage).

But the more I thought about it, the less snarky I felt and the sadder I became. These poor girls. The products of a completely dysfunctional home, with divorced parents who have tried to out-do each other pushing their kids into the limelight.

Remember about ten years ago when Britney suddenly, over the course of one month, "developed?" Do you think a 15-ish year-old got a boob job without her mother's consent? What did that single act do to her feeling of self-worth?

Clearly both these girls are turning to men - the wrong men for Brit, at least - for male acceptance and love...and pregnancy is the natural result. It is a very, very sad situation.

The REAL joke in all this? The book deal of the mother, Lynne, is now on hold. It is a parenting book, published by a Christian press.

Oh, Irony, you are a cruel but fair bitch.


Heather said…
It's just proof that no matter how much money someone has, white trash is hard to shake.