Reasons there's still a television in my house:

(This, and the Ray Charles Gospel Christmas Special.)

My kids play, read and create a lot. There's no X-Box or video games...they do have DS's but it's usually more trouble to locate one than to play it. But every now and then something rolls out of the television that just cracks me up.

Denny Crane, sitting on that rooftop: "Well, like the farmers say: Hope springs a kernel."

The old cop on The Closer, watching through the glass while a 20-something-year-old heroin addict who looked 50, was interrogated: "Whatever happened to good old-fashioned alcohol? I know it rots your liver and you're a pain in the ass at parties, but it takes YEARS before you look like that."

And I was running the guide this morning looking for some music and a show description popped up: A teenager's parents separate when his stepfather decides to become a woman.

Ya think?


City Girl said…
Being childless, I have NO earthly clue what a DS is. Elaborate, please.

Also, the dad becomes a woman show MUST have been on BBC America. They have the craziest Sunday night "documentaries" you've ever seen. Jerry Springer meets David Frost.