Avast, Me Constituents!

Breaking News

:: beep-beep, beep-beep-beep::

The American Pirate Party has announced its endorsement of Barak Obama for President of the United States of America

God bless the pirates! And what is crazier than the fact that Pirates - not historically known for their regard of, you know, the LAW - have organized themselves into a political party? The fact that they've issued a press release.

I envision Captain Jack Sparrow - in all his Max Factor glory - sitting before his Dell simultaneously pecking out a resounding political endorsement and cleaning his ears with the bone of a dead parrot.

Soooo... how many other perfectly viable options are there to the two major political parties - and we don't even know it?

Could there possibly be a Spam and Lumberjacks Party out there somewhere? They already have a Ministry of Silly Walks....

Coooould someone have organized a United Nudist Party without our knowing it? I can hear the acceptance speech now: "Ich Bin Ein Freeballer!"

American history is full of now-extinct political parties - the Mugwumps, the Whigs, the Federalists.

And long ago, a brave candidate named Spanky McFarland founded the He-man Woman Haters Party.

Today they're known as the Republicans. (Joking! It's a JOKE!)

PS - Exactly how deep does the nerdiness run in the City family? We are actually watching the Iowa Caucuses - Republican and Democratic - live on CSPAN...Tom? Are you there, Tom? ... Dory?


Dory said…
Coming to you Live here in CaucusLand...

I really sincerely meant to caucus today but one errand led to another and another and another and before I knew it, it was too late.
*hangs head in shame*

And now... Da Weather.

It's friggin' COLD here in CaucusLand!

Signing off...
fatboyfat said…
Do you realise that here in the UK there is officially a Monster Raving Loony Party? It's fully legitimate, and candidates stand in local and national elections.

Glad to see the concept has made the leap over the pond.
City Girl said…
I wonder if CGirl-CGirl could act as the surrogate for the Monster Raving Loony Party here in the US of A?!?

Hmmm *thoughtfully strokes chin where neatly-trimmed goatee would reside if she were a man*

Surely we could come up with a candidate less crazy than Ron Paul!.... I like it, I LIKE it!!
Country Girl said…
Hmmm, well, the only way I'm joining a political party is if it involves good bourbon and Ron White is there. Since Johnny Depp is already taken.
melissa said…
I had to wipe my evening milk off of the screen. Seriously. Thanks for the giggle. :)
City Girl said…
Milk?!? Honey, I hope you're drinking New Orleans milk punch (10% milk, 90% bourbon) !!!!