Carry Moonbeams Home in a Jar....

This is one situation where I wholeheartedly endorse burying your head in the sand.

I am behind avoiding the ugly economic reality like Oprah is behind Obama.

Like the Italian trains are behind schedule.

Like carbon emissions are behind global warming.

Like J Lo…well, just has a big behind.

The 25-year thingy you heard about was yesterday’s announcement that inflation is at a 25-year high.

Not to be confused with the worst market drop in 27 years, which was today’s news.

Unemployment? Up nationally and the highest it’s been in two years – while unemployment in the UK is at an all-time low, mind.

US wholesale prices? Up 6.3% last year – the biggest jump since 1981.

Michigan and Minnesota are officially in a recession – they didn’t wait for the rest of us. How rude. If they were Southern states they’d be apologizing for the shabby condition of their shoes and offering us the last cookies in their jars. Hrmph.

The upside? You don’t have to worry about tomorrow, Country Girl.

Now that Bush is selling $123M worth of smart bomb kits to Saudi Arabia, there may not be a tomorrow! Ha!



Tom said…
We here in Iowa generally believe that we're tops in the etiquette department, but while I don't think we're at the recession party quite yet, we're probably in the car honking the horn at the southern state.

And I'm not liking the looks of that label down there. Every time I do that, something bad happens.
Country Girl said…
ALL I wanted to know was the temperature and WHAT did the news have to say? In the past 18 months, the price of all of the raw materials required for road construction has either doubled or tripled.'s the money but, we can only do one of the three roads we said we'd do.

Do we at least get KISSED?
fatboyfat said…
I believe it's catching. Anyone want to pay the equivalent of ten dollars for a gallon of petrol, sorry, gas?
Anonymous said…
It is the rising cost of oil that has caused the cost of road construction to increase. Well, that and increased world demand for the other raw materials.
Hmmm, wonder if they can use corn instead? Probably not, it would pop on a hot July day.