The Good... in, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. From the Christmas report and I'm TELLING you...the Bad and the Ugly are INTENSE. So let's surprise everyone and talk about just how great life can be sometimes.

Things that sort of make up for the fact that I had to DO Christmas this year:

Uncle Earl's homemade Black Walnut Cake. He was a little worried this year because he had to use "Yankee" walnuts (no idea), but the cake was luscious, as usual. (Note to self: Make these lazy-ass kids go down to the farm and pick up and shell 1-1/2 cups Redneck Walnuts for this man. For pete's sake...he's 90 years old.)

A sandwich grill...who'd a thunk it? We started out with wheat bread with honey-baked ham and cheddar. Moved to mini-croissants with rare tenderloin and peppered goat cheese and are currently fighting over raisin bread with fresh pear and blue cheese. Go figure.

FIVE POUNDS of Point Reyes blue cheese. We are...gluttons. We've made blue cheese/bacon dip, a blue cheese savory cheesecake and then...mainlined it. Soon as we figure out how to liquify it, we'll just use a straw.

The Nice Kid, who is 12, volunteers at a local nursing home every Saturday, going on three years. Back in the summer one of the...residents?...had some of her artwork in a local show. This watercolor was in the exhibit, and my daughter fell in love with it. I bought it and hid it, and they told her someone had already taken it home. It was under the tree Christmas morning and she was speechless. Which doesn't happen around here too often.

This tablecloth, from my mother. The attached note explained that the year before they married, my parents went to Detroit to work...she at General Motors and he driving a bus. The week before they came back to Tennessee for the wedding, my great-aunt hosted a bridal shower and this was one of the gifts. My mother noted that I shouldn't put it away for 54 years like she it's gonna be the center of the Easter table this year!

So, there. It's not ALWAYS madness and mayhem around here...although when I get to the Bad and Ugly, you're not gonna believe it.


City Girl said…
Are we guessing what this is?

Fun! I vote for Italian Creme Cake.