Help a Pup

In order to work through some of the bad karma I accumulated today (see previous post) I'm asking you all to read this post from Farmgirl about how you can lend a hand to a no-kill shelter, A Place to Bark...and Meow. They are trying to win a grant to save more puppy and kitty...sadly, not skunk...lives.

Or just go straight to Bernie's blog here and save a few minutes. You're going to end up there anyway.

Take a look. You all have bad karma to work through, and you know it.

The guy you cut off in traffic? The woman you didn't let on the elevator, hmmmm?

Go on. It won't bite, I promise.

(No finger crossies).


Comet Girl said…
I have sent this link to every human with a heart I know. What a great cause!
Tom said…
I create all sorts of bad karma working at the homeless shelter, so it kinda cancels it out I think. Those homeless people can really piss a guy off!